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Nike Air Max 95 ' Black Neon'

Nike Air Max 95 ' Black Neon'

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Many will obviously compare this “Black Neon” and the “OG Neon” colourway, with this practically being the ‘dark mode’ version of the icon, albeit with a reverse gradient on the sidewalls. Few aficionados may also spot similarities to the mita x Nike Air Max 95 “Ueno Prototype” from ’13, as this latest iteration pairs together a black tongue and neon detailing, a highly elusive combination within the AM95 range. Considering this pair is almost a tenth of the resell price of the mita release, grabbing these are a much more affordable option to say the least. Pushing forward with the dark motif, the netting, toe guard and laces have all been given a stealthy makeover, highlighting the vibrant lace loops even more so than on the OG. The midsole and branding accents remain the same, with the spine coated in a darker shade of 3M to fit into the update.

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